Friday, September 09, 2011

Mooncakes from Mandarin Court and Marina Bay Sands 2011

After a few years of buying so many boxes of mooncakes, I finally stopped buying again until this year. I decided to get a box of low sugar white lotus paste mooncakes from Mandarin Court at Mandarin Orchard. I do love the box it came in, with the lattice screen over a cloth floral design set in a cushion olive bronze-y box. It just screamed quiet, understated luxe.

It even came with its own plastic forks, besides the ubiquitous plastic knife. I liked how each mooncake was individually packed which was so much more hygenic and fresh.

We also received a box of mooncakes from Marina Bay Sands. I loved the packaging, which looked like a Chinese lantern.

Untie the bow at the side, and slide out the tower of mooncakes.

Remove the cover and undo the ribbon and it swung open, revealing each moon cake in its own space. Taste-wise, I felt it was a bit too sweet.

Maybe it is age, but I much prefer the low-sugar mooncake from Mandarin Court.

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