Friday, October 12, 2012

Continued Chiropractic Treatment

After a couple of months of stopping my chiropractic treatments, I finally went back to getting adjusted. I stopped after my regular chiropractor left the place and I did not feel comfortable with the new chiropractor at Infinity Chiropractic. I still have a few sessions left there and I will probably convert it into massages or something.

So where did I go to get adjusted? Nowhere. I was waiting for my regular chiropractor to set up his own practice and he finally did. Then I was busy with stuff and it was about a month before I visited him at his new place ~ Concierge Chiropractic & Rehabilitation.

Dr Dylan Altfeld has been treating me since July 2009 and there is a rapport between us. I trust him to adjust my spine and this is crucial. You do want to feel comfortable with the person and know that your spine will be well taken care of. I am delighted for him that he has his own practice.

Because my body actually felt bad (it was achy from not being adjusted but the body forgot and sort of adapted to the bad shape so I was not in pain at all), we decided to go with once a week instead of my once every 3 weeks treatment. But after being adjusted...ahhhh...relief from the body....the body decided it wanted more adjustments :p I could feel the body protesting a few days after the treatment that it wanted more.

So I told Dylan that I want to do twice a week for a while until the body is back on track again. I only did twice a week for about 2 weeks when the body got better. So now I am trying out once a week treatment. Hopefully I will soon progress back to alternate week and to the once every 3 weeks again.

I do hope Dylan will stay in Singapore for a while since it will be a huge pain to look for a new chiropractor if he decides to move back to the States.

Through this experience of not being adjusted for a while and then being adjusted again, I could definitely feel the difference in my body. I still do not get much migraines/tension headaches which is a good thing. Massages are a thing to enjoy now.

I understand that those who are still with Infinity Chiropractic can actually transfer the remaining treatment sessions to Dylan's new practice. But do check with them on the procedures as I have not gone back after my consultation with Dr Alex, the new chiropractor over there. 

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