Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Update on Chiropractic Treatment

This is another long overdue update on my on-going chiropractic treatment.

I am still on the maintenance stage where I go in for my adjustment once every 3 weeks now. At times I can even stretch it to once every 4 weeks. Progress indeed.

I think I have come a long way since my first chiropractic treatment in Singapore in July 2009. From the 3x weekly treatment to twice a week and then to once a week before it became alternate week and now once every 3 to 4 weeks.

In some ways I much prefer Dylan's treatment as he does at least 4 adjustments in one session compared to Trevor's treatment in Canada where he did only 1 adjustment during the session. Maybe it is subjective or dependent on the patient, but I think it is much more effective to have the 4 adjustments :p

I am still feeling good. My migraine hardly haunts me now, except on very rare occasions when I am ill or extremely tired or dehydrated. I still do not "crack" my neck.

The only tension I feel at times is the upper back. Maybe that is from work - sitting too much at the desk.

Another awesome thing about seeing a chiropractor is that he can practically help ease other ailments. Lol.

Already Dylan has helped to reduce the headache I got from the cold/flu. He just massaged or pressed on the pressure points/sinus pockets on the head and neck. That helped greatly as the painkiller I took did not help a bit at all.

Another time, Dylan took a look at my ankle after I mentioned there was a bit of pain on the ankle/hip. I landed hard on the ankle after I tripped and almost fell at the bus stop. He was able to twist and adjust the ankle.

Amazing stuff actually. Sometimes I just feel that the usual GPs cannot do much as they will only prescribe pills which usually only mask the problems.

I think seeing a chiropractor is becoming a way of life for me now. It is the same as going for a monthly massage or facial or pedicure :)


misunderstood said...

I had the problem with my ankle, and Dr D just popped it right back.

Anonymous said...

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