Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home cooked dinner - 11 Dec 2010

It was a "unsurprise" birthday dinner for my cousin. He guessed something was up when we called for an impromptu dinner where the entire family was involved.

It was a mishmash of food and they were utterly sublime. Nothing is as good as a simple home cooked meal.

The "kong bak pau" is to die for. The pork belly was stewed to perfection. Tender soft meat with a layer of the fatty bit encased in the soft sweet bun and sprinkled with fresh coriander. Awesome! And I am not really a pork person as it tends to have a porky smell/taste which will induce nausea, but this was just amazing.

My new favorite seafood ~ gong gong, aka conch shell meat. They were just steamed. Pull the meat out and dip in the soy sauce with cut chilies. Nice!

The birthday boy made tea leaves eggs. I had only tried his version and they were very tasty. The eggs absorbed the herbal tea leaves flavors, leaving a subtle fragrant.

Aunt made her specialty - "jiu her eng cai" jellyfish with spinach (?) and drizzled with sweet sauce.

The main dishes were chicken curry, sambal okra, sambal kangkong and sambal eggplant with rice and toasted crusty bread.

For dessert, we had chocolate cake and homemade kueh kosui. The kueh kosui was not too sweet and the texture was like chwee kueh. Soft, slid down the throat easily and not too watery. It was way better than what you get from the chain store bakeries.

Wonderful simple dinner is always the best.

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