Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Game of MahJong

A bona fide tai-tai I can never be as I totally sux in MahJong (MJ). I vaguely know the concept of being able to exchange for tiles if you get the "flower or animal" tiles, and to have 3 of a kind or in a row (straight). The rest I totally don't remember or don't know at all.

So today I spent today at a colleague's (VL) place where we played MJ. It was supposed to be a fun session, with some money involved. BUT.....due to mine and another colleague's (JC) incompetence, the other 2 decided to just play for fun instead and to let us learn through trial and errors.

They thought they were bad...until they met us. Lol. JC has only played a few times but he improved lots at the end. While I did manage to "win" some games, some were horrid and I made mistakes where if we were playing for money, I would have to pay out to everyone a few times. It was still a fun and good learning experience.

We took so long just playing 1 round. I think we started around 5pm and only ended around 1030pm, with about 30mins break for dinner. Yes, we took more than an hour to complete just 1 "wind" direction. I am still pretty clueless about how the "wind" works and what can be used to keep as a pair and the "credit" to get before you can even win. So many rules.

But I must say there is something quite therapeutic about the clacking tiles and then stacking them and trying to strategize the next move.

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