Friday, August 03, 2007

Nasi Lemak - Old Chang Kee

Nasi Lemak from Old Chang Kee? Yes, besides the usual curry puffs and other deep fried snacks, the Old Chang Kee cafes also served up hot dishes such as nasi lemak, beef stew in bread bowl, grilled fish, etc. It is called Take 5.

I tried the nasi lemak as I was not sure what to have and the fried chicken wing looked tempting. Actually I went to the wrong store. I wanted hor fun but went to Take 5 instead of Killiney Kopitiam at Square 2 :p

Verdict? The rice could be more lemak and fragrant but still quite ok. The chicken wing is good and warm. The chili is pretty good. The sausage is a surprising touch. Average nasi lemak, I would say.

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