Saturday, August 18, 2007

View from the top

We organized a press conference last month for a client which was held at Equinox Private Dining Room on Level 69 of Swissotel the Stamford. The view is amazing but the service/support staff could be better. I doubt I will ever recommend the place for events in future.

The Singapore Flyer looks pretty good from the top. I always thought it could be an eyesore to have something huge jut out from nowhere but it all seemed to meld together. Plus after the IR is built at Marina Bay area, I think it will all fit perfectly well.
You can see the construction of the barrage at the mouth of Singapore River. Afte the barrage is completed, the entire Marina Bay/Singapore River area will be a reservoir. A huge reservoir. I wonder what it will be like, especially since they have started introducing water sports in reservoir too.

I stopped wakeboarding now because the water is so polluted, and they use detergent to make it easier for people to slip in and out of the wakeboard "boots". Imagine detergent in reservoir! Killing all the fish and sea life underneath. Maybe it is bio-degradable?

In the picture, you can see the barrage at the top, the right hand side is the construction of the IR, but there are so many more cranes now than before, all working furiously to meet the deadline. And there is the floating platform opposite it. The floating platform is made up of 15 pontoons which were designed and constructed by one of our clients, hence my knowledge of the barrage and other stuff :p (the whole reason for taking the pic)

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