Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wicked - A Nail Salon

I tried Wicked, which is at International Building next to Isetan Scotts, in late June on Davis' recommendation. The place is tiny, but has tasteful ambience. The seats are like a long bench with sinks at the bottom. That is good as I am quite fussy about that. I prefer to have actual sinks rather than a portable basin or those footbath thing. This is for hygiene purposes.

It is not very comfortable but still ok to sit for an hour. Magazines provided are international and quite recent and service is good. I like that the tea is served on nice tea cup and with a mini tray.

I think it is fairly new and is operated by a Korean as it also has Korean facials and waxing services in another room off the main nail area. The staff is also fairly new to the trade, you can tell they are not very experienced.

In the 2 times I was there (yes I signed a package as it was a good deal but now I thoroughly regret it), the nail technicians were not very good. I am still hoping I can find a good one for my remaining sessions.

The first one cut my nails too short and it was not straight for one of the toenails. About a week after that, I discovered there was a tiny nick on the 3rd toe on left foot. I was concerned and so made an appointment to get them to re-paint the nails (cos the colors have chipped by then - very fast for an OPI. Less than a week).

I went back and got a different nail technician. She is very new (I didn't know that in the beginning) and didn't seem to know what to do. I told her about the nick and just to change the nail colors and not to file or cut them as they were already so short. Then she discovered there is another nick on the 4th toe on the right foot. Seriously, I have never have spilts on nails before and right so close to the cuticles.

The warning bells should have rung in my head when the technician didn't even offer to repair the tiny nicks. She just allowed me to tell her to change the colors. Usually at other nail salons, they will ask you or tell you that you need to glue it back or something. But at Wicked, nothing at all.

So it was repainted and I left, hoping my nails will grow fast enough and the nicks will not get worse. But 2-3 weeks later, they spilt further. So the cracks on the nail and the reason why the one on the left foot has came off. And now I am seeking emergency treatment on the right foot as that is in a precarious position being 3/4 down the toenail.

I don't trust any nail technicians to do it. My boss recommended super glue but I am hesitant to do it on my own. I called the person recommended by Yolanda and she said I will need to put on fibreglass nail. WTH is that? Anyway, she is traveling today and won't be back till next weekend.

So I called Flair Nails where I usually have my waxing done. Spoke to my long time therapist there and she recommended the technicians there and that they are all trained and experienced. She said I will probably need the silkscreen (??) or gel nail or whatever. All these terms just went above my head. So I shall try it out today and hopefully it works. The spilt ends will hold till the nail grows out.

I did a silkscreen thing once at Snails for a tiny nick before. It didn't work and came out after a couple of days. Hence I am quite skeptical on such stuff.

Bottomline: I don't recommend Wicked at all. I think only the owner is experienced, so it is only good if you managed to get her for your appointment.

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Anonymous said...

I heard that Wicked got better technicians. Place is very cool. I actually prefer the foot bath as I can rest more comfortably. The owner is really nice.