Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Easy @ Resort World Sentosa

I love Southern Cajun food and it was always a treat when I traveled down south in USA as I could have all the gumbo and corn bread I want there. Looking back, I kind of regretted not making the side trip to New Orleans (before Katrina struck) when I had the opportunity. Somehow you always think you have all the time in the world and that it will always be there for you. So I was pretty excited and keen to try the food at Big Easy when I passed by it the other day.

We were there early so it was pretty quiet. Service was average. When you do not need them, they would always come over but when you need them, they are not to be seen. Murphy's Law, I guess.

SC ordered the shrimp and sausage jambalaya which came with a piece of cornbread. The portion was huge and was best shared. It was very nicely done. The prawns were fresh and sweet and the pork sausage was very tasty.

I ordered the creole gumbo which was not totally what I expected. Even though the server warned me that it came with rice (I knew there was rice in there), I didn't expect it to be more stew-like and dry-type and poured over the rice. I expected something a bit more watery. I guessed there are many versions of gumbo after all. It was still good with the scallops and prawns and sliced okras. Under the soup section, this could easily pass off as a main dish.

As I was expecting a more soupy gumbo, I also ordered sides of mashed potatoes. This was not too bad, but not brillant.

The corn bread was quite alright too. It was still better than Kenny Rogers' version which was sweeter.

I would not mind going back to Big Easy again to try the other dishes as they do have so many other things to try.

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