Monday, August 09, 2010


I found a new brand for shoes shopping over the weekend. Ever since Arturo Chiang has been pulled out of Singapore (or until a new distributor is found), my choices for comfortable shoes has been reduced. I was looking for a pair of wedges when I stumbled upon STACCATO at Isetan Scotts. Apparently it has only hit our shores in late July and already many pairs have flown off the shelves (or at least my size is either sold out or left with the last pair).

According to the salesperson, STACCATO is from Hong Kong and it is very popular and can be found everywhere over there.

The wedges I tried were surprisingly soft and comfortable. The leather was not stiff and did not cut into the feet. The soles were not hard and had some cushioning for the feet. Even though the wedges seemed high, somehow I felt like I was wearing flats. I did not feel that the arch of my feet had been overly "tortured".

I love this shade of blue. The shiny glitter bits at the sides gave some "oomph" to the ordinary pumps. I did not try the regular shoes or flats, so I could not tell if they are equally comfortable. I am just glad to know I have another option when I want to go shoes shopping. So yes, I finally have a new pair of T-strap sandal wedge which could be worn for work or play.

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