Monday, June 04, 2007

The Cross I Bear

I chanced upon this pic and saw my cross. My precious silver cross - a plain creation, unadorned with diamantes or crystals or other stones. It is just pure silver, slightly tarnished at the sides - I tend to clean it once every few months. Next to it is the star - a blue silver star which paint has since peeled off - my baptism gift in 2000.

The simple cross has a weight which is hardly found in others. The pendants sold in the shops tend to be lightweight and filmsy. I am sentimental, I hardly throw away my things, especially those close to my heart.

This cross was with me when I first accepted Christ formally in 1990. It was with me when I went to Canada to study. It was with me when I first started working and all the way till now. I rarely took it off, unless necessary e.g. at the spa. I seldom buy necklaces as accessories as the cross was all I needed.

I have changed the clasp on the chain several times as it kept breaking. I never thought of buying a new chain either as I still love the current one. The last time I changed the clasp was just a few months ago. I went to many jewelry shops trying to change the clasp but it seemed like most do not use silver now. Finally I found one which could change it, and it was white gold. I would rather repair it than to buy a new one.

That is how much I treasure my necklace and cross, and how much the cross meant to me.

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