Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fragrance Collection

My fragrance collection as at 24 June 2007
At last count, I think there are around 36 bottles. These exclude my miniatures or sample vials/sprays. I love fragrances, more so than makeup. I like how the different scents evoke different memories and feelings.
The cK BE leaked and some got onto me when I took it out. Somehow the cap was loose, but it is all good now. Managed to screw it back on. And smelling cK BE again reminded me of my apartment in Sussex Ave and the first time I smelled it. It was given out on campus as samples. So it brought back memories of Canada and somehow of my Perry Ellis sweatshirt and jeans too. Go figure.
Listing my collection:
*Hugo Boss Hugo Woman (3rd bottle - used to wear it for work)
*Davidoff Echo Woman
*Ralph Lauren Ralph (2nd bottle)
*Nina Ricci
*Ralph Lauren Glamourous (discontinued)
*Tina & Tony (discontinued)
*Givenchy Absolutely Givenchy
*Vera Wang Sheer Veil
*Gap Blue No. 665
*Blvgari BLV
*Chopard Wish Pink Diamond
*Michael Kors Island
*Paul Smith Woman (2nd bottle)
*Calvin Klein Euphoria
*Ralph Lauren Style
*Ralph Lauren Blue
*Michael Kors Michael
*cK BE
*Escada Magnetic Beat (my fave! - on 2nd bottle now)
*Beyonce True Star Gold
*Beyonce True Star
*Calvin Klein Eternity Love (almost gone. LE)
*Gucci Envy Me (2nd bottle)
*Chopard Pure Wish
*Loewe I Love Loewe
*Escada Sexy Grafitti (previous fave. my 2nd bottle. LE)
*Escada Pacific Paradise
*Clinique Happy Heart
*Georgio Beverly Hills Ocean Dream (another fave - 2nd bottle)
*Anna Sui Secret Wish (fave - 2nd bottle)
*Liz Claiborne Lizsport (old fave)
*Giorgio Beverly Hills G
*Stella McCartney Sheer Stella 2006 (LE) - 2nd bottle
*Kenzo L'eau Par Kenzo
Minis (partial collection)
*Dior Addict 2
*Calvin Klein Escape (my fave for night)
*some other Dior stuff and MK Island
I realized I still have lots of minis which are hidden away.

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