Monday, June 25, 2007

Lilfoot Cupcakes

I was one of the lucky ones to get to try LilFoot's Cupcakes over the weekend. I saw Lilfoot's post that there are free cupcakes to be given away. Usually I couldn't make it as the pick-up was on weekdays and I would be at work. This time it was on Sunday, so I PMed for a set.

Later I saw the cuppies for Saturday were still available so I asked for Saturday instead since it fit my schedule. I got my first set - Chocolate Banana cupcake and Strawberry Mousse.
They were so yummy! A bit soft by the time I ate them as I didn't keep them chilled as instructed and it was several hours before I had the chance to sink my teeth into it. The cupcakes were a bit different than others. It only has a thin layer of the cake bit (maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of the paper cup?). The rest was filled with mousse and banana/strawberries and covered with ganache (for the chocolate) or cream (for the strawberries).

The chocolate banana cupcake was really good! The chocolate was not bitter nor was it overly milky sweet at all. A nice balance. The cream for the strawberry was good too, but somehow I think I still prefer Sherie's version. I am not sure what LilFoot used. Again it was not sweet, which is good news for those who dislike sickening sweet stuff. It is light but not whipped, nor is it heavy with butter cream.

I got a surprise Saturday night when LilFoot smsed me about the collection on Sunday. I thought that was it. 1 set on Saturday. Turned out he (yes, LilFoot is a very talented male baker) rather give me the cupcakes for Sunday too. He said it was better for him to give to someone who appreciated them than to those who don't.

So I got my 2nd set of cupcakes. 1 chocolate banana again (but so delicious I don't mind trying again :p) and a rocky road cupcake. For the rocky road, there were mini marshmallows and bits of walnuts in them. Again the chocolate was to die for. Rich but not too rich. This time I chilled the cuppies and they were great. More weight to the mousse and ganache and they held better too.

Look at the generous cream on the strawberry mousse. Livia would love it!

Check out the cakes LilFoot bakes and sells. Cupcakes are not for sale.
Lil' Foot Patisserie

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^cherie said...

lilfoot is a HE??? Oh my! My suspicion confirmed! LOL. Cute or not? LOL.