Saturday, June 16, 2007


I have not cut my hair in a long time. I am such a "low maintenance" girl for hair that I usually only visit my hair stylist twice a year. Once for color, and once for perm. No cuts in between.

Recently I noticed my hair has been getting all tangled up and got into my way when I sleep that it is annoying. The hot weather didn't help either.

So I made an appointment with my regular stylist at X-Trim to do a color and cut today. Despite making an appointment for 3pm, I was kept waiting till close to 4pm when I got the chance to ask my stylist about the wait. As I am meeting Sheryn at 6pm I told him I will just do a cut.

So finally I was led to shampoo my hair - Edward did a great job with the shampoo, I didn't have the heart to tell him he didn't really have to use too much strength (then again, maybe he wasn't using strength at all) as I was already all "relaxed" out with the massages I have been having since Thursday (3 consecutive days of massages ;p).

So shampoo, blowdry straight before cutting. I have not seen my hair poker straight for so long.

What do you think? So straight!
It still took some time to cut and I am not sure how many inches I loped it off. But from waist length, it is now slightly above mid-back, maybe 2-3 inches below the shoulders now.

After the cut, still slightly straight, but you can see the curls trying to get out.

I decided to keep it straight for the day, just for a change. My hair is not naturally straight, so if I want it straight, I will need to do a straightener. Not sure if I prefer straight or with waves. But it is definitely a weight off my head for now.


HZ said...

Hi there, not seen u for a long time.. wow.. you've changed.. i was trying to figure out..then i realised.. you're smiling more & ur face shows that you're happier! Keep it up pretty gal. ;)

carolyn said...

Thanks HZ :) It has been a very long time. We missed our annual meet-up last year. Hope things are going well with you too.