Saturday, June 30, 2007

Reviving my lust : Blackberry Pearl

I finally saw the Blackberry Pearl in real life! One of my clients uses it and it was amazingly lightweight, I like! I totally "heart" it. He was nice/kind enough for me to play with the functions but I declined. Don't really want to accidentally see things I'm not supposed to ;p

Read about my lust for it previously.

I have yet to see it in the phone shops. Then again I have been visiting M1 shops and M1 doesn't carry it :( Why oh why not?

As far as I know, it is only available at SingTel and possibly Starhub. Can some kind soul let me use their phone number to get the phone? And I am willing to swap :p Don't think I want to sign up for a new SingTel line just for that.

But I so want a Blackberry Pearl!

1 comment:

hz said...

i do have a singtel line but only available for upgrade in dec. if you can wait, i dun mind doing that.