Sunday, May 02, 2010

Coffee Club Breakfast, Wheelock Place

When the Coffee Club outside Wheelock Place started advertising their breakfast fare offering late 2009, it was like a beacon to me. I guessed the pictures worked as I sure was tempted to wake up early just so I could have breakfast there before heading into the office.

I finally had the opportunity to do that when I did wake up early to go see the GP (she is based in town area) before work. The menu offered choices such as pancakes, waffles, American breakfast, muffin, sandwiches, etc.

I decided on the pancake stack with wild blueberry compote. Alas, the promotional picture looked so much better than what was served. The pancake stack looked sad and compressed, not huge and fluffy. The blueberry compote looked like red bean paste (but it did taste like blueberry). The saving grace was probably the syrup. I had to request for butter to go with the pancakes.

The breakfast came with complimentary coffee or tea. Good thing the coffee was palatable, otherwise I would have regretted getting up early to try its breakfast items.

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