Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Chili Tuna Casserole

I cooked again, after such a long hiatus. A new recipe, similar to my signature dish, but with chili instead. A friend/ex-colleague sweared by this, terming it as "orgasmic". I just had to try making it since I didn't get to try her version (the one I tried was equally nice, with lemon juice and lotsa pepper).

So trying to re-create it, based on what she would usually use. Chili tuna with lots of cheese. Mine didn't turn out that spicy after all, and definitely not orgasmic. Lol.

Maybe I drained out the chili oil, so that didn't work? Or I only had 1 can of chili tuna. I used up about 200gm of mozzarella cheese but it still didn't feel cheesy at all. Maybe I need to use other type of cheese. Well, back to experimenting again.

What went in?
- fusili
- cream of mushroom soup
- milk
- chili tuna, drained
- regular tuna, drained
- onions
- celery
- mozzarella cheese
- crushed crackers
- lemon juice
- black pepper

Mix them all together and bake for 15mins in the oven on 180C. Voila! Dinner is served. Easy peasy.

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