Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Transit in Portland

This must be the most horrid journey in my life. Either I am getting old or I really wonder how I could take such long flight when I was still in school. To make the yearly trip of over 20 hours of traveling time.

I am in the last leg of my journey now.

Never ever take a 6am flight to anywhere. It is a weird hour and you don't get to sleep beforehand. I tried but I couldn't. So yeah I was basically awake the entire time and was a zombie by the time I got onto the plane for Narita.

My flight itinerary: Singapore - Narita - Portland - Vancouver

I only read the papers on that flight, didn't even get to read my book. Tried to nap but couldn't. Played Bejeweled. Only bright spot was that there were some games on the interactive video system, and movies were on-demand. Not that I watched any though there were some good ones which I didn't have the chance to catch in Singapore. Eyes were tearing on the flight and tummy not feeling good.

Stopped in Narita, security was a hassle all the way through. Didn't have to remove shoes though. Carried on the next leg from Narita to Portland, it was code-shared with Continental Airlines so it was a full flight (or looked like it).

This leg was worse. Migraine came on full blast, and with it the nausea. So I couldn't eat much either. Eyes still tearing, head pounding, a small army of soldiers hitting right behind the eyes and the nausea made me puked twice. It was like having motion sickness all over again and I never had motion sickness on plane before. This time I couldn't even play Bejeweled. No bright lights for me.

The migraine was probably from the lack of sleep. So can't do anything about it for now. So now I am stuck in Portland for another 9.5 hours before I can get on plane to Vancouver. Original flight was cancelled, otherwise I would be in Vancouver right now, having a nap.

Service was surprisingly quite ok. Not excellent but not terrible too. The check-in lady in Singapore actually allowed me to check in my suitcases without additional charge as the big one was about 3-5 kgs over the allowance. The flight attendants were also pro-active in asking passengers if they want water during the flight.

Also, the best thing was that my 2 gfs came over to my place to fetch me to the airport and kept me company for a while. That was unexpected from the onset when they first mentioned about it, especially they have to go to work that morning too.

To be continued....

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