Monday, September 03, 2007

Sherie's Cupcakes - 2nd try

I have been baking up a frenzy! Well, not really. Lol, just like to think I have been doing that. I was home all day on Sunday and thought now I have all the time in the world to bake and cook. I wanted to bake the tuna noodle casserole, based on a friend's recipe, but alas, we ran out of canned soup. So no go. Thus, I turned my attention to baking.

Back to Sherie's cupcakes recipe. Again, I didn't get to mix the ingredients as I actually dozed off and my helper didn't wake me up. She went ahead to make it. I think she likes baking better than cooking :p

Anyway, I got to pour the batter into the paper cups and do the piping for the frosting. I am so not creative at all! Boring swirls all around. Lol. And I also learnt not to do the piping when the cupcake have not cooled totally. See the "melted" frosting, the color has changed to the more buttery yellow too.

Verdict: It is moist and pretty good. But it has a bit of alkaline aftertaste, not sure if it is the flour I used. I used Top Flour. Does that matter? The frosting is fantastic, love the buttery taste, not too sweet too. It yielded close to 50 cupcakes.

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