Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lucky Prata

I have always noticed the signboard "Lucky Prata" hanging from the walkway's ceiling at Lucky Plaza and thought how lame that was. I didn't think much of it till I read a review of the place in the local papers. The food critic raved about the nasi briyani and the fish curry. That got me interested to try.

The chicken briyani was indeed excellent. I love how everything was still warm despite going there around 230pm, after the lunch crowd. The pappadum was crispy, the rice was fragrant and not sticky at all. You could eat it grain by grain if you so desire. They gave me a generous portion of the chicken with lots of gravy, as well as fresh achar (pickled vegetables) and a small bowl of veggie gravy (not sure what the proper term is).

I raved about it to the girls and so we made a trip down to try (again for me). I had the chicken briyani as that was always the safest dish. Mutton can be too muttony or has a strong smell which I dislike, and fish is usually tough and dry.

The portion has shrunk a little the second time round, not sure if that was because we went around 12noon. But the food is still good. This time we also tried the sambal sotong (pretty ok, I'm not a big fan of squid) and the fish curry. The fish curry was oh-so-good! I love the tangy curry taste which is not "jelak" (too rich till you get sick) at all. The fish was sweet and moist.

I also got a taste of the mutton briyani as Davis ordered that. Surprisingly the mutton was cooked very nicely, not dry ot hard or gamey. It was so soft and tender. The teh halia was equally yummy but might be too sweet for some people.

A great place for affordable Indian food in the heart of town.

Lucky Prata, Level 1 (near the escalator from the basement)

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