Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Soup Restaurant, DFS ScottsWalk

I was in the mood for Chinese food and finally decided on The Soup Restaurant. It was pretty rare for me to want to have Chinese food when with friends since that was what I usually have if I eat out with my family.

In any case I only have Chinese food at a few places since I am not that familiar with it. The Soup Restaurant is one of the usual suspects, and Dian Xiao Er is the other. Then I found out they are under the same management. That probably explains why I like these two places, and the similar decor too.

The must-have samsui ginger chicken. The chicken was so tender and the meat was slippery smooth which made it a pleasure to eat it with the ginger and lettuce.

We decided to try the steamed hand-chopped minced pork with salted egg. This was a new dish for me and I liked it. Apparently it was really "hand-chopped" and thus they only made 30 of this a day. The pork did not have the porky taste and it was really good over rice. There were 3 types available ~ salted fish, salted egg and water chestnuts.

This was the place for me to get my sweet potatoes leaves fix. Somehow I was no longer that enamored with kang kong now. I much prefer this spicy "fan shu" leaves dish.

We decided to have the teochew olive rice instead of plain white rice as not many places served it. It came in a fairly big serving and was enough for 3 persons to share.

I had the double boiled chicken soup. I could not remember what herbs went into this soup though.
Celest had the black chicken soup which was to boost relieve stress or boost the immune system. Whatever it was, the soup was clear and tasted good, which was probably the most important thing.


stardust979 said...

I like this place, the chicken is very nice! :)

Oh I left a comment on your Japanese food page, but if you haven't seen it, here it is, must thank you for your Inagiku review, I just went there last night with family and ate the Sushi dinner and the foie gras chawanmushi and the caviar prawn sushi was nice! :) Great sirloin too, it seemed to have been refurbished? The sea urchin and ootoro were really delightful! The dinner was really good and the wine was Merlot, very nice :)

carolyn said...

I'm glad you like the food at Inagiku :) It is still my favorite Japanese restaurant. I need to find time to go again.