Friday, August 22, 2008

Golden Triangle (Laos, Myanmar & Thailand)

After that ferry ride to Laos by the others, we were brought to the Golden Triangle. We were hopping mad when we got to the Golden Triangle as it was only like 5 mins drive or less away! We could have been dropped off here earlier while the others went on their ferry ride. There were drinks stalls and a long row of shops lining the street. We could have things to do. I voiced this out to the tour guide but he said he couldn't as he was responsible for us and our safety and what if we disappeared at the Golden Triangle? Ok, point taken but still...things could be better.
Anyway, apparently on one side is Myanmar (former Burma) and on the other side is Laos. And then there is Thailand.
Just a signboard stating I saw Myanmar and Laos from across the river. Whoopee!

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