Sunday, August 31, 2008

Durians Feast - 727 Cakerie

This year I ate so much durians, more so than in other years I think. So I was driving home, when I decided to detour to Yio Chu Kang Road to buy some durian kuehs from 727 Cakerie. Mooncakes were in, so I bought a box. It was quite wasted cos we didn't store in the freezer section and after a few days, they turned sour :( Boo hoo. Lucky I manage to eat 2 before they went bad. There were about 3-4 left when they went bad.

I like this - durian coil. Durian pulp inside with the sponge cake and then another layer of durian over. Double durian power. Nice.
I like the durian puffs too. I bought 2 boxes as I thought 1 box was not enough for the family. Again, some puffs were bad after a few days so they were thrown away. Lesson learnt: do not keep durian for long, even if stored in fridge.
Mango cheesecake. I actually wanted to buy mango puffs, but somehow the store person thought I wanted this and I was also quite blurred. I didn't realize this was in the bag when I made the payment. I just wondered why my bill was so high :p I didn't get to eat this but they seemed to like it. It was all gone.
My durian loot. No more durian till next year.

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