Monday, September 01, 2008

Inagiku - Set Lunch

I met SL for lunch last week and finally, we managed to go to Inagiku - my favorite Japanese restaurant in Singapore. I just learnt that it is the oldest Japanese restaurant in Singapore and was the very first one set up in Singapore way back in the 80s. Wow. And the reason why the food is pricey is because everything used is from Japan, just to keep the authentic taste. Amazing! It seemed like Inagiku underwent some renovation as it looked bigger and different. Maybe it is because Fairmont is managing it now, and the last time I went was in 2006.

We ordered the Inagiku special set lunch. Can't remember the name of it now. It came with a starter of tuna and some mango bits? It was fruity sauce or something but it was good.
The set lunch. Looked so nice. Lunch set is way much cheaper than dinner set which is at least $100 and over.
Australian beef tenderloin grilled medium. It was just right, not too tough and not that gently soft too. Came with the fried garlic which reminded me of Maratuma ramen.
Garlic fried rice which was deliciously fragrant and softly infused with the garlicky flavor.
A tiny piece of grilled cod fish and lots of grilled prawns with cheesey sauce. It didn't feel too rich despite the cheese. Very nice.
The usual miso soup. Not too salty.

Dessert. It was supposed to be some green apple sorbet but in the end we were served vanilla ice cream. I just love Inagiku food. Yum yum.

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