Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ready, Set, F1 Go!

The excitement is building up and is certainly palpable in the air surrounding the restricted area. Through the whole week, I could feel the electricity in the air. I worked near the restricted area and was affected by the road closures and diversions.

No one remembered the roads being affected when it took effect on Tuesday (Sept 23) and it was massive congestion in the Nicoll Highway, ECP and Beach Road area. Colleagues were stuck in traffic for 30mins to over an hour. In the end, I walked over to the building too.

Then at 3:01pm on Friday (26 Sept), I heard rumbling sounds in the office. The practice for F1 had started! It was so exciting! I rushed over to the windows even though I knew we could not see the cars. The roar of the engines, and sounds of cars zooming past were infectious and you could not help but want to be involved. Though after a while, it could get a bit annoying (especially when you didn't see anything) as it sounded like motorbikes revving.
After work, we walked to Raffles City to get to Capitol Building. More F1 stuff. Roads closed. Restricted areas. Lots of tourists or locals taking pictures. You got to feel the difference. Those allowed within the gated F1 community and those lesser mortals who didn't get tickets. People proudly wearing the lanyards showing they are the "in" crowd. This is the one time where you actually can see people wearing lanyards outside the area. kinda reminded me of when APEC 2007 was held in Vancouver. It was about the same. Restricted zones. People with lanyard passes were allowed into the areas and I was one of the "fortunate" ones to be involved then.
Waiting at the traffic light where it was the start of the road closure at the Raffles Hotel area and going into Suntec City. No doubt there are more tourists, I could see them all around town but I wonder if they will really spend at the malls inside the restricted zones. Personally I am avoided the areas as I have no idea where non-F1 pass holders are allowed to enter. Plus getting a cab will be horrific.
Another race car inside Raffles City. By Lenovo and RBS. Didn't manage to take a pic of the one at Paragon and it was gone when I went over on Saturday.
Tonight will be the race. Maybe I should stay home to watch it. I was kidding with my friends that I go to the office and watch it since I can hear the actual sounds but watch the telly for the actions :p

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