Thursday, September 04, 2008

UPS - Horrible Service

This is one of my few rant post, but I am just so utterly disappointed and fed up with UPS (no joke about Fedex and UPS).

It has been 3, yes THREE, trois, tres weeks and I have yet to hear from anyone from UPS. So what happened?

VS made a mistake on the shipping form and so the amount was over S$400, and thus was charged for GST. UPS paid on my behalf and my mom paid UPS when they delivered the parcel. My mom was not aware of the mistake as she didn't know anything about the order at all.

I was shocked that we got charged for GST as the actual amount charged by VS was lower than stated on the shipping form attached outside on the box. The invoice inside the box was the accurate one and way below the amount charged. Plus the credit card bill also showed the total after exchange rate conversion was below the S$400.

I called up UPS to inquire about it and I was referred to call another number. I did that and spoke with a Jose. He was the most helpful of all the UPS employees. He told me to email him the information and he will re-direct to the relevant personnel. I did that and he forwarded the email to the relevant department (I guess) which involved 2 persons (Anba and Fikri). So far, from what I have seen of their email. It had been either they were not in office or their mailbox was full or something.

Basically I keep seeing email from Fikri instructing Anba to contact me but to no avail. I called UPS again and spoke to someone else. Again, no one else called me or emailed me.

So till now, I have no idea if they are going to process the GST refund from the government. I have checked out the GST website and only those who paid the GST can seek refund, so I can't even contact GST office itself to process the refund.

This is so ridiculous! I tried searching for the PR/Marcom person of UPS Singapore and was unable to find any information. The one in USA will only respond to journalists' email. They probably get too many complaints from the customers. I wonder where people can actually leave feedback since their customer service department is not doing anything at all. I am loathed to write in to the press as seriously I don't have the time and energy to do it. But if push comes to shove, I would not hesitate to do it at all.

I could still try to find the contact information of the current APAC President of UPS, who is a Canadian - Derek Woodward - and just took over from Ken Torok from April this year. It just seemed absurd that such a small matter need to be escalated to so many people or levels.

I just want a reply from UPS customer service on my case and what they are going to do about it. But lesson learnt. Next time, do not pay for anything first without checking and I will definitely tell my mom that. This is such a pain.

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