Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Peranakan Museum

After so many months (or was it weeks), I finally made it to the Peranakan Museum which took over the Asian Civilization Musuem (not the one at Empress Place) on Armenian Street. In the years I have been back in Singapore, the museums in the area kept changing its names and artifacts on display. I love museums, I love exploring and reading up on the history of places and things and cultures. I only found out recently that it is free admission to all, if not most, museums in Singapore every Friday nights from 6pm. That was a nice discovery.
Being a Peranakan Museum, it housed all things Peranakan (straits Chinese who married the indigenous people i.e. Malays) in the old days. The food cover is amazing, with its intricate designs and drawings on it.

Old phone. The real traditional one will have the circle rotary dial. I remembered we had those phones till the early 80s. It was actually pretty fun though it took a longer time to actually dial the other party's number.

Another old old old phone. This, I have only seen in movies and other museums. There are pre-recorded conversations played when you pick up the handset to listen. It was pretty funny to hear them speak in the peranakan way.
This is a beaded cover. Not exactly a cushion cover but something that was being displayed. I wondered how long it took to finish this.
I thought this was clever. The wooden block has several types of moulds for making kuehs.

I have not seen these buckets for so long! We used to have these at home too for washing clothes and other stuff. I think my grandma used it to wash the pigs' intestines when she cooked pig organ soup in the 80s.
And the larder overhead. Food were kept up there to prevent any insects from getting to them

Beaded shoes/slippers which they are famous for. These are usually handmade.

And the brooch. They love gold jewelry and some are actually silver plated.


celest said...

i went there recently during the museum night fest. too... i like that pink/green butterfly mural wall on level 2 (i think). oh btw.. those metal buckets - my mum/grandma used to bathe me in one of those when i was a baby! those were the days :)

carolyn said...

Lol. I remembered the metal buckets too. I think most people in our era will recognize that :p