Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Singapore F1 Grand Prix Finally Over!

Found more pictures from Yahoo slideshow of the F1.
Aerial view of the street circuit in Singapore, lit up by the lights.
Alonso driving past the old courthouse in Singapore.
Rosberg driving past the old courthouse during the race. It is a very pretty shot. I didn't find any shots of the cars on Anderson Bridge, that was very picturesque too.

I watched my very first F1 Grand Prix race on telly and I must admit it was boring. Well, it was all about cars going round and round. I didn't even know it would be 61 laps (silly me thought it would be like the movie where it would be done in 5-10mins :p) and would take close to 2 hours.

I'm not the only one who felt this way as my gfs were feeling the same. Hahaha. So there I was, having the telly on, msning with a friend watching in the UK (constantly asking him what was going on as I didn't understand why there were penalties and the safety car etc), texting gfs about the race and reading a book. Multi-tasking me ;p

Gf who was watching from the track could hardly hear the sound system over there and had to text me to ask who was leading, and which laps they were in and basically what was going on. So the telly was much better in giving information. She was given free ticket (lucky her) and was seated at the Marina area where she said lots of accidents happened over there (still no idea where she was seated). She texted that it was very noisy over there and lots of commotion and just got bored watching the cars going round and round too since she had no idea who was driving which car. Hahaha. Her friend who was equally bored, wanted to leave with 10 laps left to go. I told her to stay on since it would be ending soon, so probably they did.

Conclusion: it would be better to get a suite or something where one can walk about. watch the race and feel the excitement and hear the roar of the engines, have the tv on for the commentary and just enjoy it with friends.

Pictures of the race: sources from Reuters, AFP and Straits Times.

The street circuit in Singapore, lit up by 1,600 lantern light projectors to illuminate the street, making it look like day. You could see the various landmarks though while watching on telly, it was all a blur :p
The Singapore Flyer in the background, plus lots of advertising from SingTel the main race sponsor or organizer.
The race started with Massa leading the pack. Again, advertising by STB for Uniquely Singapore.
The pretty infamous fuel hose which was still attached to Massa's car when it pulled away from the pit stop.
Towards the end of the race, I think. No idea who the drivers are :p
The winner of the very first Night Race and very first Singapore Grand Prix - Fernando Alonso for Renault.
The top 3 drivers - Fernando Alonso (Renault), Nico Rosberg (Williams) and Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) - having a bit of podium fun with the giant bottles of champagne.
Alonso dropping the bottle of champagne down to his crew, who shared the bottle. This really reminded me of the Stanley Cup where they poured champagne into the cup and everyone will take a sip from it. Ahhhh....NHL!

Goodbye F1 2008. Hello F1 2009. I just realized Singapore has won the contract to host the race for 5 years. So for those who didn't manage to get any tickets, get ready for next year's race.

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