Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Empire Cafe @ Raffles Hotel

LG has been raving about the nasi lemak at Empire Cafe at Raffles Hotel and I finally got the chance to try it a couple of weeks ago.

I got my colleague to have lunch with me over there as I was not in the mood to eat at the food court. Plus the FAR card helped to ease the monetary pinch. For the 2 dishes we ordered, it came to less than $10 each :)

The nasi lemak came with otak, 2 pieces of fried fish, egg, ikan bilis, peanuts and fried drumstick over coconut rice. It was decent.
I had the nasi goreng in the end as it was too spicy for my colleague. The keropok was not crispy enough. Achar was nice. The satay meat was quite tender and the peanut sauce was nice. The drumstick was the best. Hot crispy skin and tender warm meat inside.

We were stuffed after that. Empire Cafe was very crowded during lunch time. That was quite surprisingly as I would not expect a hotel cafe to be full of people actually. I guess the food was good enough to draw people to dine there daily at all hours :)

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