Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Marc by Marc Jacobs Snazzy Jane Tote

My new tote bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It was such an unexpected buy as I was not prepared to get anything at all. There I was, just walking towards Taka for my weekly swim at the Fitness Center and passing by Marc Jacobs when the SA saw me from a distance and waved at me. So I had to walk in and say hi. Well, he remembered me (not my name) and what I bought previously (like 2-3 months ago and I didn't step into the store ever since) and asked how I like it.

Then he told me there was a 30% off sale on selected items and pointed the section for me to browse. He was not pushy at all and just let me be. I took a sweeping glance and nothing really called out to me until I spied the tote which was sitting on the top shelf. The gunmetal color caught my attention and he took it down for me to have a look.

It was a big bag. Practical. Finally I can use it for work and for swimming after that. I was kinda thinking of using another bag for swimming and this fit the purpose. Plus there was a zip which was good to keep everything in.

See how roomy it is. There are the usual compartments for the phone and cards or keys. It can also fit in big files and a laptop. So now I have a proper bag to put my laptop in when I travel on the plane. I don't need to use my backpack anymore as I dislike carrying the laptop case.

With 30% off and additional 10% off with DBS cards (there was a promo then), it was a pretty good deal for a leather bag :) I got the last piece. It was also available in purple which was also sold out.

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