Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wellness Village - Updated Thoughts

I have a spa package at Wellness Village over at the Pan Pacific Marina outlet. It was good when they first started but no longer. The last few visits left much to be desired. It is hard to get an appointment now, I usually have to make it a couple of weeks in advance.

Now since I have a bath treatment i.e. I can have a milk bath or flower bath or whatever they have for the jacuzzi tub, I have been trying to utilize it. Somehow the staff at Wellness Village would always try to prevent me from using it.

I am starting to suspect it is because the jacuzzi tub is located in the one and only couple's room, so priority is always given to couples. The last reason given was that the jacuzzi was not in working order, that the water was cold and not heated.

But before that, I saw a couple went into the room. When I insisted it was fine with cold water, the consultant said the tub was really not working and was being repaired. It would take about 3 months to fix it. That is quite ridiculous, isn't it? And she tried to get me to move over to their other outlet at Marina Square Shopping Centre itself. Hello? I was already at Pan Pacific Hotel and you wanted me to walk over to the mall just to accommodate your inefficient booking of appointments?

You are operating in a 5-star hotel, where your customers are hotel guests or spa package holders or walk-ins, and you can allow your jacuzzi tub to be out of order for 3 months? A treatment in the tub based on the a la carte menu is about $65 or more.

I finally decided to just forgo the bath treatment (I have four of that in my package and I have yet to use one) and just have my regular body scrub and massage. But I was made to wait for another 10 minutes or more.

It was really annoying as I was early for my appointment, and they made me wait for about 30 minutes (excluding my early arrival time). I usually plan my day, so I have something on every other hour or so, and so I get irritated when my schedule is being messed up.

Bottom line: Do not sign up for any spa package at Wellness Village. A friend went to the outlet in Chinatown and also complained that the service over there was really bad.

And due to customers' abuse of using the hotel's facilities such as the swimming pool and gym where they bring their entire family or group of friends, the hotel has restricted spa-goers to using the facilities. That was the selling point for me when I signed up for the package in the first place.

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