Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hoshigaoka Ramen Set

I find that whenever I feel like having Japanese food when at Isetan Scotts area, I will invariably go to Hoshigaoka. It is not that fantastic but it does serve decent Japanese food. Tonkichi probably has better quality but I am not that big on fried food or pork dishes :p

Hoshigaoka usually has promotions depending on the season and this time the highlight is on ramen. I decided on the miso ramen set which comes with 3 pieces of california roll and salad. I quite like the ramen largely because of the seasame seeds. Somehow it imparted a fragrance to the noodle and soup, giving a umami satisfaction. The california rolls could be better and the salad was usual.

This is definitely a simple yet filling meal. I am still waiting for the promotion which has the hot pot soup thing. Can't remember if the promotion was for Spring or Autumn.


Kevin said...

That ramen set looks tasty.

Y-Maeda said...

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