Friday, July 25, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe

Whenever I am in the mood for something healthy or for a salad, I would invariably think of the Cobb Salad at Hard Rock Cafe. Somehow it has become my favorite item on the menu. Somehow the Cobb Salad does not seem like a salad salad as it is filled with so many things. Bacon, boiled egg, onions, grilled chicken, avocado, cheese, tomatoes over a bed of lettuce and dressing on the side. I could never finish this on my own, so I always need to find someone who is willing to share with me. Hehe.
So Sheryn and I shared the salad and the main. We decided on the ribs and beef brisket. I love the beef as it was so tender that it kinda melted in your mouth. The ribs was not too bad but not the best I tried either. It came with fries, coleslaw and the baked beans.

Surprisingly we could not finish the 2 dishes at all. Bad idea to have dinner close to 9pm too as the band started playing around 930pm and we could hardly hear ourselves.

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