Sunday, November 23, 2008

[Comfort Space] HelioAsia

Andana Spa over at Paragon has closed down for a while now and [Comfort Space] HelioAsia has taken over the premises. That was a pity as I do like Andana Spa for its quietness and spaciousness, especially when I have free time on a week day afternoon. It was good to just chill and relax.

I took Monday off and had some free time. So I decided to kill the 2 hours by spending time at [Comfort Space] HelioAsia. UOB Ladies' Card holder get to enter to use the facilities for free on weekdays (Please refer to UOB website for more T&C), and I decided to add on the foot reflexology as my feet were killing me from the last few days of walking.

The service was pretty good, the staff made use of earpiece to communicate with one another on tracking the guest so that guest will be guided to the respective area for whatever treatment they have requested for.

I didn't really have much time after all the changing into the spa attire of shorts and tube top. I found it quite silly to wear that when immersing myself in the warm jacuzzi, steambath or sauna. Maybe I am too used to the hot jacuzzi over at Takashimaya Fitness Club where I usually have a soak after a swim in my bikini.

It was quiet and I had the jacuzzi to myself which was nice. After a quick shower, I changed into another set of dry spa attire complete with satin bathrobe and went to the recovery lounge for the foot massage.

The recovery lounge was much smaller than when it was under Andana. I could not recline fully as the therapist wanted to use a separate stool for my feet to stretch out on, so I didn't manage to really rest. The massage was good though. Not too painful and yet managed to sooth the sore areas.

There was no menu on the table, though I saw a guest ordering food. I guess that is not included in the spa access thing.

Overall, the place looked smaller and darker. I didn't get any view at all. I think it is quite an ok place but just don't expect much.

[Comfort Space] HelioAsia
#06-16/26, Paragon
Orchard Road
Tel: 6836 9988

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