Monday, November 17, 2008

Japanese Dining Sun @ CHIJMES again

This is like my favorite place now as I am at the Japanese Dining Sun a few times a month now. We were hungry while waiting for another friend and ordered the avocado shrimp to start. It was so so good. Warm and crunchy with the creamy mayo and avocado. The basket was some fried stuff which was tasty too.
The interior of the main dining area. It was a pretty big place.

And yes, the beef for the sukiyaki. It seemed like this is one dish we would always order either to share or on our own. It was so beefy tender (depending on the way you cooked it)

The sukiyai pot with the steam rising. You could request for the broth to be topped up though it took some time for them to bring to the table.

Pink dragon roll. Somehow I think I prefer the rainbow roll or something - the one with the mango and avocado on it.

My favorite ramen - Hokkaido Ramen with the corn and half runny soft egg and a hint of buttery taste in the soup. It was good.

We shared the dessert - the trio of mango pudding, green tea ice cream and some seasame pudding thing. We ordered another black seasame ice cream and I redeemed a free scoop of green tea ice cream. Lots of desserts for just 3 of us.

Things I like from Sun Moon chains:
Beef sukiyaki
Grilled beef with foie gras
Rainbow Roll
Hokkaido ramen
Avocado shrimp

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