Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ghirardelli Chocolate - Intense Dark

I absolutely adore chocolates from Ghirardelli. Founded in San Francisco, it is what most people (who knows about it) will buy when they are there. There are not many Ghirardelli stores all over the States and are confined to only 5 states (California, Nevada, Florida, Wisconsin and Illinois).

I requested for dark chocolates and my friend bought the Intense Dark assorted squares for me. I love all 3 flavors - Twilight Delight, Espresso Escape and Mint Bliss.

Smooth, rich and luxurious. Not sugary sweet. I like! I wish they do ship international.


ice said...

Hello! I think you can get them at NTUC now! It's a festive promotion! :)

carolyn said...

That is fantastic news! Thanks for sharing the information :)