Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TheBalm Shady Lady Eye Shadow Palette

I discovered theBalm when I was living in Canada last year. We were down in States for the Thanksgiving holiday (read = massive sale!) and so of course, I just had to pop in to Sephora for my beauty fix. Sephora was just amazing with its huge collection of fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, hair products and whatever you can think of in a beauty heaven.

I was browsing and wondering what to get (as I had pretty much got what I wanted from Nars, Cargo, Stila, TooFaced...) when I saw theBalm. The packaging attracted my attention with its 50s style of calendar pin-up girls. The names of the products further intrigued me. With not much time to spare, I just decided to get 2 eyeshadows (Jealous Jordana and Just this once Jamie), a blush (Hot Mama) and a Voyage palette which contained 2 eyeshadows and Hot Mama plus a luggage tag.

The eyeshadow was fabulous with its very fine and soft powder making it very blendable. It was also heavily pigmented with slight shimmers which were not over the top. When I read reviews online of the products, it seemed like Hot Mama was what most girls would like Nars Orgasm (a hot favorite for blush) to be. It gave a light shimmery glow to the face with its peachy tones. Hot Mama could also be used as an eye shadow too.

So when I saw the Shady Lady eyeshadow palette online (limited edition and only to Sephora), I just had to have it. A friend managed to find it in the Sephora in San Francisco (another friend didn't manage to get it in the Sephora in Seattle as it was out of stock) and bought it for me. So now I am a happy girl :)

The palette with its leopard print cover contained 9 very wearable and flattering eyeshadow colors.

Description from Sephora
Caught in the Act Courtney (rich brown with gold sparkle)
Shameless Shana (tahitian bronze)
Luscious Lani (icy pink champagne)
Jealous Jordana (rich shimmering green)
Risque Renee (dark navy blue sheen)
Curvy Cami (plum shimmer with gold flecks)
Jet-Setting Jennifer (pale gold shimmer)
All About Alex (olive shimmer)
Easy Wheezie (gunmetal gray shimmer)

3 of the colors could be used as a liner too. You could use them dry/wet to create different intensity of the colors but either way, the colors would not fade by mid-day.

I have tried most of the colors and they were just too gorgeous, especially Easy Wheezie. It was not too dark or shimmery light. It added a depth to the eyes when applied on the lids. All About Alex was amazing as a liner or when used on the crease area. I just love theBalm eyeshadows.

theBalm is more known for its lipglosses though and they just introduced lipsticks to its range this year. MUA also has more reviews on its lipglosses. I didn't try it since I am allergic to most lip products. Best to stick with Stila for that :)


ice said...

wow do you know if thebalm is retailing in Sephora at Takashimaya? The makeup looks amazing!

carolyn said...

Hi.I don't think the Sephora in Singapore sells TheBalm.

You can probably get it online or from the Sephora in the US (but different Sephoras stock different things).

TheBalm is very good, especially for the eyeshadow and blush/powder.