Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Turi Beach, Batam

We went over to Turi Beach Resort over at Batam for a weekend birthday bash for a friend. 5 girls having crazy fun, filled with lots of laughter and alkie. We took the 12 o'clock ferry and everyone overslept and was late for the meeting time. But it was all good. J bought absolut vodka mango to bring over. I didn't bring my alkie over as I was not sure if I could bring in through immigration.

We were at the Riani wing which was where the rustic huts were located. Level 2 was quite torturous as we had to walk up and down steps to get anywhere. Level 1 would be the sea view. The new wing (Tirta) was more hotel like and had elevators to get around!

N and I shared the room (Rm 235) which was the king size bed with the pretty (but useless) mozzie net.
It can actually sleep 3 as there are 3 pillows. We should have asked for more pillows.
My C & E bag, finally put to use. It has a high ceiling with fan which we didn't use. Aircon was good enough.

Pretty modern bathroom with shower and sink. No bathtub. Bathtub is only available in the suite. The towels were big and think and fluffy. Really nice!

Balcony with only 1 chair. I wanted to dry my swimsuit outside but there was something dark flying around which scared me so I decided to dry it indoors. Apparently those were bats or dragonflies.

The connecting room for the other 3 girls. 2 Queen sized beds which could actually sleep 4. Reminded me of those rooms in North America where 4 of us would usually share the room.

View from the restaurant where we had lunch while waiting for rooms to be assigned to us.

Ikan Bakar - grilled black pomfret. It took a long time but it was worth the wait. The sauce tasted like stingray.

Ayam Penyet which C ordered. I didn't try it.

I was on a nasi goreng drive and ordered it. Quite ok. Seafood fried rice with fried chicken, pretty dry beef, satay and prawn crackers.

Walkway to the Island Bar where we were supposed to have our free mocktails.

Turi beach. The beach was not as nice as Angsana Bintan but seaview was equally lovely.

Signposts indicating where to go. Main area was the free form pool. There was another pool at the new wing which looked nicer.

The old wing were we were staying. Huts on stilt which was good to experience but not necessary to try again.

Pool and the huts where you laze the afternoon away. Nice view of both the pool and sea.
We just spent the afternoon hanging out by the pool and drinking cocktails and other drinks.

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