Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Canteen @ Shaw Centre

We decided to try the food at The Canteen at Shaw Centre after swimming one night as they close pretty late. Plus there is a DBS credit card promotion right now though the poster was misleading. You still need to spend min. $40 before you get the 15% or 25% off (depending on time of day). The poster only showed the $40 for the earlier timing (15% off) and just 25% off total food bill for the night time. Anyway, didn't really want to push the point further but they should do something about the poster as it is false advertising on its promotion.
T ordered the prawn noodles which was the day's special. There were 2 specials - prawn noodles and fishball noodles. I tried the broth and it was excellent. Flavorful and sweet. I liked how they also served the chili powder and sliced chilies on the side too.
I ordered the X.O. Lo Shu Fun which was the specialty dish. "Mouse tail" noodles with minced pork cooked with X.O sauce and century egg. This was slightly spicy and was really good too. The century egg made a difference.

The afternoon tea selection also looked pretty good. Actually there were not many choices on the menu and we were hard-pressed to really choose our dishes.

I used my phone camera so the pictures were not really good. The place was quite nice as it was quieter at night on a weekday. It could get crowded on weekends. Just a good alternative for late night supper when you are in town.

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