Thursday, October 02, 2008

Marc by Marc Jacobs Groovy Doctor Bag

This was the bag which caught my attention from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I don't know what I was surfing for when I saw this. The purple looked so pretty in the pictures from Net-A-Porter.

I was so tempted to just order it online when I decided to go just check out how it is in real life. I have already called the shops in Singapore but they do not have the purple/grape and only the store at Ngee Ann City has it in black. DFS is out of stock.
It was really a good thing I went to the shop as I found it to be pretty big. It was not too heavy though. So since I didn't want black, I will likely wait for the next season collection colors as this is a classic design. I saw the grape/purple shade on other bags and I didn't like it. It was much darker than shown in the above pictures. If only, it was that shade, I would really just grab it from wherever I can find :p
I guess purple is not an easy shade to capture on camera. I have a burgundy wine colored bag and without flash, it looks indigo blue. It was the same for the new ipod nano. The purple nano on the website looked way better than in real life which was much darker and looked blue too.

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