Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall in Love...again, again & again

I totally HEART the fall/winter 2008 fashion show tagline by Paragon. So nice - fall in love, again, again & again. Everyday should be a loving day :p

Me and my shopping bags. Actually, 2 bags are freebies. alldressedup goody bag containing a bazaar magazine, mac lipstick and vouchers from mac and alldressedup and a f/w 2008 lookbook. Decleor bag contains Prestige magazine (darn heavy!) and TODAY newspaper. Then my shopping from La Senza and of course my beloved Tod's bag which is like a comfy pillow. The pretty burgundy wine shade which totally matched my green top.
Decided to be funny and pretend to fall. Hahahaha. It was hard to hold on to the pose for a while and people were just walking past, wondering what this mad woman is doing :p Though I must say I was not the only one posing with the tagline background.


Moonie said...

Love to read your posts and your posture for this tagline!

carolyn said...

Thank you for dropping by and leaving your comment :)