Sunday, October 19, 2008

Coffee Club @ Paragon

Can you see us at our table? Took the signage using the reflection from the glass door across. Coffee Club at Paragon has moved from the spot to the same section as Bakerzin but on level 3.
I finally got to use my coffee voucher from the Citibank Paragon Concierge. I opted for iced latte instead of hot as the weather has been so warm recently. Paragon was quite empty, especially at Metro as it seemed like everyone was over at Takashimaya for the sale. I realized I could actually take latte with no sugar at all. So I could drink coffee with lots of milk and no sugar. Interesting.
We decided to share the mains. The baked rice with chicken and zucchini and cheese was good but so so creamy and cheesey that it get jelak after a while. So it was definitely better to share it.
The rice and chicken and vegetables inside. I liked this dish.
Another nice main - beef daube. Stewed beef with green beans over mashed potatoes and gravy to smother it. I loved mashed potatoes even though it was more pureed and whipped. The beef was tender and not tough at all. Nice.
Coffee Club @ Paragon
Tel: 6733 3595


stardust979 said...

I like Coffee Club too, the pasta is pretty good! :)

carolyn said...

I have not tried much of the pasta from the new menu. But I did like the prawn pasta and a chicken polenta pasta (this is no longer on menu, I think).

Need to go back to Coffee Club again to try the food :)