Monday, October 06, 2008

Miss Selfridge Dresses

I bought these dresses from Miss Selfridge. I quite like the new collection now. It seemed like something I would wear. Then I read about how they are focusing on rejuvenating the vintage look and the designers were looking at over 1500 pieces to freshen them up. So those who love the looks from the 40s, 50s and all the way to even 80s should check out Miss Selfridge every week. New stocks arrive at Raffles City outlet every Thursday. And the items go out very fast too. So get it if you really really like it, don't wait for the sale.

The bag was a gwp with my purchase. Only at Paragon outlet. Not sure if the promotion is still going on.

I totally love the dark brown chocolate polka dot dress. It totally flatters as it skims the curves and does not cling. The front just flows over the tummy area, hiding the bulge and the v-neckline hints at cleavage (but you can still wear a tube underneath if uncomfortable with showing so much skin) and the sleeves hide big arms. From the back, there is a keyhole to play peekaboo with your skin. Everyone should really get this dress. I brought a gf to see it when I was paying for it and she tried it and bought it too.
I must confess when I first saw this, I thought it was a skirt which can also be worn as a dress. I didn't realize it is a dress which can be worn as a skirt. Hahahaha. I only realized when I found it in Miss Selfridge website. Anyway, my dual-purpuse outfit :) I love the bohemian look and am looking forward to it making a comeback. My skirts are all waiting to be worn again.


Anonymous said...

i totally love the first dress.
however dun think it can cover my arm :(

how much was it?

stardust979 said...

Wow, the last piece is very beautiful! Didn't know Ms Selfridge has such pretty clothes now..

carolyn said...

brumeux-bleu: It will definitely cover your arm :) Not sure how much now but slightly over a hundred before discount.

stardust979: you have to check out Miss Selfridge, it has very nice stuff this season. The buying has improved ;p