Thursday, October 16, 2008

TCC @ Suntec City Mall

I have not been to the Galleria side of Suntec City Mall and I was surprised to see several restaurants over that section. Pretty good - new selection of food for lunch. We went to TCC at Suntec as it was quieter. In fact, when I was there at 12noon, there was no one else at all. Even after we left around 1pm, only 1-2 other tables were occupied. Ideal for lunch meetings too. I ordered the salmon on mashed potatoes and asparagus in a banana based sauce. It was not bad. Presentation was always pretty in TCC. It didn't wow me but at least they asked me how I want my salmon to be done (I requested for medium) so it was not dry and hard at all.
I ordered ordered spicy chicken for us to share. I liked this, especially with the sauce which came with it. Nice.

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