Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Maxim's Classic Almond Flake

This is my absolute favorite snack/pastry from Hong Kong (and most people know I am not a huge fan of HK at all). The first time I tried it was way back in 2002 when my ex-manager gave me a pack after her trip to Hong Kong.

It was simply divine. The soft flaky pastry puffs topped with slivers of almonds and sugar with a hint of butter. It goes very well with a cup of robust coffee.

The end result is something so delectable that I can just gobble it up in a sitting. Ever since that first encounter in 2002, I never got to taste it again until recently when a girlfriend bought it for me. She remembered I had mentioned this pastry before (must have been years or many months back - that is thoughtfulness/friendship for you). Some things are just indelibly etched in your memory bank.

The closest I had this was from the bakery at T&T Supermarket in Vancouver, Canada but it is definitely different. Maxim's is so much better. This is usually sold out by late afternoon at the bakery store in Hong Kong. It is that good!


celest said...

i really like maxim's pastries too. when i first visited HK years back, it was during the mid-autumn (mooncake) festival. their snow-skin mooncakes were yummilicious too! i still have one that's super uber cute. it's a giftpack with a teddy bear wearing a pink, maxim t-shirt + 2 mini baked-skin mooncakes. of course the mooncakes were long gone, i've kept the teddy bear. oh, their cream cakes (sliced) looked very nice too... missing HK again :)

carolyn said...

ooh...would love to try that someday. The funny thing is that there is a Maxim's in Vancouver, but it didn't have the almond flakes, not even when I describe to the guy. He didn't know what it was. Maybe I need to learn the Cantonese name of that :p