Thursday, October 18, 2007

Baton Rouge - Toronto

We went to Baton Rouge for dinner the first night in Toronto (North York area). It was surprisingly crowded and we waited for about 10-15mins (not too bad) as we requested for a booth at the bar area. That was pretty nice as we could watch sports on tv too :p It served the usual salads, burgers, mains of steak, ribs, chickens, pasta, but with a Lousiana flavor.

PY ordered caesar salad and I had some from it. The greens were crisp and fresh.

WC ordered the Barbecue Baby Back Ribs which was pretty tender, similar to Santa Fe ribs -fall-off-the-bone meat and not too porky taste either. WC chose the sides of fries and hot cinnamon apples. Interesting sides. The fries were pretty good too.
I ordered the Santa Fe Marinated chicken breast with roasted zucchini & red peppers, topped with "Jardiniere" sauce and goat cheese. Yes, I love my Santa Fe so much :p I think I was solde by the zucchini and cheese. The serving was huge that I could not finish it. The baked potato was so good - heavenly. Love the toppings too. S ordered the seared tuna salad which is pretty fresh and the seared tuna nicely done.

PY ordered the rib steak (I think) which was 16oz big. Livia would love this. Meat heaven. See the mound of mashed potatoes. Everything is just giant-sized in this restaurant.
I realized it is quite common for people to "tau pau" (doggie-bagged) in Toronto if they cannot finish their food. I guess it makes sense as the portion is usually enormous and it is not cheap too. If you packed it back, you can stretch your dollar to the next meal :)

B√Ęton Rouge North York, Ontario
5000 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario
M2N 7E9

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