Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Kind Act

I ranted to some friends about the (fill in your own adjective) action taken by someone without consulting me. Because of that, I thought I would have to forgo my swap package which I finalized in mid September before I left Singapore.

I informed the MUA-er about the package being returned to her and not to worry about sending to me again as it was not her fault I didn't get the package. Plus it is unfair for her to pay double postage. I was willing to forgo it, after all I am just happy that my items to her are in a better home where they are being used and appreciated. However she is so kind to offer to send it to me again. This is such a kind gesture, which really made my day. I love swappers like this, who are not fussy or calculative.

Thank you to the kind swapper in USA. Now I have something to look forward to over here.

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