Sunday, October 07, 2007

Exchange Rate is Bad!

I totally dislike this exchange rate. Now that the CAD is almost on par (it is still up and down) with the USD, it is so much more expensive to shop in Canada.

The retailers have not adjusted the prices here and the taxes are higher too.

I just went to Sephora website and checked the price difference and arrrrghhhhh.......I just wasted C$10+taxes.

E.g. NARS eyeshadow.
US$21 each C$26 each

I bought 2 NARS eyeshadows - wasted C$10+taxes.

Sales tax in the states is usually less than 10%. In Canada, there is the GST and PST, bringing it to 14% in Toronto and 13% in Vancouver.

Really I should wait to shop in the states. Too bad there is no Sephora in Vancouver. The nearest one is in Seattle. Need to find friends who will want to go down South for shopping.

Besides cosmetics, other stuff is also pricier in Canada, so many Canadians are heading down to States to shop. Books, cars, daily household products etc. The retailers should really start adjusting the prices accordingly soon.

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