Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Prima Taste - Prawn Mee

I made this for lunch on Saturday. Also PY's birthday then, so it's the birthday meal. Prima Taste pre-mix packages are really so convenient. Almost everything is included, you just need to add noodles and meat.

I bought tiger prawns (and it cost so much! C$5.50 for only 4 pieces) plus the other smaller shrimps I bought previously. Also added bean sprouts and sliced chilies. No kang kong and no meat as I am not a pork person. I used bee hoon instead of yellow noodles as it was not that easy to find yellow noodles in regular supermarket here. Anyway, I prefer bee hoon for a less greasy and lighter taste.

The soup stock was not bad for a pre-mix. I find this is so much easier to cook than the Mee Siam. Took up less time I feel.

Pity I left the Laksa mix behind, so I won't get to taste what it is like. Oh well, there is always next time. Plus there is a Prima Taste restaurant over here in Vancouver which my friends told me is pretty good and authentic. Well, it has to be. After all, it is a Singapore chain restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

Prima has revamped their web site to an on-line store complete with e-payment and overseas delivery too.

Visit and click on the "on-line" store icon or type in :