Monday, October 01, 2007

Canada: 23 - 27 September 2007

Gosh! I have been meaning to update what I have been doing but somehow time just got away from me.

Another short summary:
23 September (Sunday)
- Coquitlam Centre and I spent loads there. Bought my first adult proper coat in cream from Urban Behavior. Also a few other long-sleeved tops.

24 September (Monday)
- went to the bank in metrotown and then to North Road for Korean food. That was good. Ordered a seafood pancake and tofu soup. I didn't expect the tofu soup to be filled with other veggies and even pieces of beef. It also came with a bowl of rice. Too much. The spread of kimchi was good but not free flow.

25 September (Tuesday)
- walked up to SFU to explore.
- PC came over and we chatted while waiting for JH to get back. It was good, catching up as we have lost contact since 2001 or 2002. Went to Red Robin near Lougheed Mall for a snack and then browsed around Ikea, Wal-mart and London Drugs while waiting for his wife (AC).
- saw his lab which leapt onto me, think it is typical of big dogs to do that. And we had dinner at Sushi King along Hastings. I like that. The sushi pieces were huge and the sashimi too. I like Alaska Roll now. It is similar to California Roll except it has a piece of raw salmon over it.
- after that, we went to Tim Horton's for dessert. I finally had my Canadian Maple donut which was my favorite when I was in Canada. But now I think the donut is too sweet for my tastebuds.
26 September (Wednesday)
- went to Shang Garden in Richmond for dim sum with JH. The bowl of century egg porridge is huge! Enough to make 4-6 regular bowls in Singapore. The food is ok, but somehow can't compare to the dim sum in Asia. The skin was pretty hard and thick but huge portion.
- also went to Aberdeen Centre where there is a Daiso. Neat! And there were so many of those plastic containers which were always sold out in Singapore.
- met S for dinner. we went to this italian place called La Piazza along Slocan. It is pretty good authentic home-styled food. Nice. Too much though. I had the cannelloni, too much meat in it. It was a good evening, conversation was flowing.

27 September (Thursday)
- Asked JH if she would like to try Sushi Town as I was thinking about the sashimi still. So we had a late lunch there. After that we checked out Winners nearby at the new mall and then to Lougheed Mall to shop. Bought more long-sleeved tops from Jacob. So nice stuff.
- Finished last minute packing and flew to Toronto on the red-eye flight.

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